Hire Professional Moderators So Your Event and Panels Don’t Suck

Let’s be honest.
We have all been to corporate events, conferences and seminars.
Most of us are either there by choice, because of an unspoken mandate by the boss, or because we need to show face and network.

And what happens is that…we get bored. Feel like we’re wasting our time, energy and money on events in which we believed, but where the potential isn’t fulfilled. 
Does that resonate with you?
Event organizers – this one’s for you!
Whether it is to generate traffic, increase visibility or federate the teams, organizing an event is the right choice for fast-growing companies willing to position themselves as an industry leader.
As a former event organizer myself, I know how monumental this task is.
You’ve got logistics, marketing, ticket sales, speakers selection, catering, etc.    
Plus you’ve got a budget – big or small – and you want to make the most out of it.
Maybe you’ve decided to integrate one or several panels of discussion at your event?
Those can be a great way to attract speakers and participants, showcase different perspectives and provide real examples to illustrate a topic of conversation.
But the truth is: panels are typically either great or awful (and more often awful).

Why? Most of the time, because the role of MC (Master of Ceremony) or Moderator is left to one of the organizers, sponsors or employees.  
This is a mistake. Even if they happen to be a good speaker, it’s not enough.
While you may have to attract the audience, it is the MC or Moderator’s job to drive the most value for the event, by taking them on a journey and keeping them there from start to end.
Hiring a professional MC or Panel Moderator is the best investment you can make as an event planner.
Here’s why:
  1. A good MC/Moderator gives your event credibility in the eyes of the participants.
    It is this inspiring and energetic personality who sets the pace for the event.       
  2. As an extension of your team, he/she will make other people shine.
  3. A good MC/Moderator will make the audience feel like VIPs: engaged, informed and entertained at the same time.

I believe that conferences can be so much better. Faster. More fun. Less beating about the bush. Straight to the core of the subject. Also less predictable.        

What you want is for people to leave with more energy than they came with.
When individuals are engaged and feel a part of an event, they will become more than just an audience member – they will become a cheerleader and ambassador for your event and/or company.

I personnally shines as an energetic MC and Moderator at multi-day events, conferences and conventions that focus on Business, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, because she is a businesswoman at heart herself.
Set aside a healthy budget to secure a professional & experienced Event MC or Moderator.
I guarantee, if all the rest is done right, this will be the icing on your amazing cake!

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